Consulting and strategy -

Designing a marketing strategy is both creative and analytical work.

All marketing activities, including those undertaken on the Internet, should be well-thought-out and effective. If you want your advertisement to bring results in the form of increased sales and building a positive image of the company, you should commission the preparation of a marketing strategy and follow its assumptions.

For years, we have specialized in developing effective marketing strategies, thanks to which our clients achieve their goals. How do we make advertising on the Internet translate into an increase in marketing indicators and real benefits?

Consulting and strategy

The first stage of preparing a coherent strategy is always talks with the client, during which we collect detailed information on his activities, key products and services, as well as on his goals and plans for the future. The more valuable information we gather at this stage, the better strategy we will be able to develop.

On the basis of interviews and research, we determine the target group of potential customers, and then, based on our experience, we select the appropriate channels and forms of promotion. The marketing strategy we develop is always aimed at achieving your sales or image goals. We select the places of displaying the advertisements in such a way as to reach people potentially interested in the offer of the promoted company.

We always act where there are people from the target group, in a way that allows us to interest them in the proposed offer. Depending on what type of services we promote and who their most frequent recipients are, we offer our clients an advertisement in the Google search engine, on forums and Facebook or on thematic portals used by people with specific, specialized interests.

Strategy is a very important element of any advertising campaign. It is worth investing in careful preparation with the help of experienced specialists who will always find the right way to launch a new product on the market, increase sales or increase brand awareness.

Let's talk about strategic
online branding


Most of our marketing activities, such as positioning, and even building a new website, start with checking the competition and the industry. Appropriate analysis supported by hard data not only provides us with interesting conclusions, but also gives us a certain view of the industry in which we operate.

Bardzo podobnie jest z usługą sprawdzenia działań reklamowych Państwa konkurencji w internecie. W tym przypadku Klient zlecający nam usługę może sprawdzić jakie działania wykonała i co robi w zakresie reklamy inna firma. Analiza konkurencji to jedno z podstawowych działań, które trzeba wykonać, aby dobrze zaplanować strategię reklamową lub zweryfikować skuteczność dotychczasowych działań. Z jednej strony istotne jest, aby spojrzeć na te obszary, w których działamy jednocześnie z konkurencją, z drugiej – aby znaleźć nowe możliwości rozwoju.

Audits of websites, stores and links

Incoming links are one of the factors influencing the position of the website in Google search results, the quality of external links leading to the website and their number determines the position of our website. Since 2014, Google has officially started lowering sites' positions for unnatural / non-compliant inbound links. It used to be the number of links that mattered, today their quality. Therefore, if you want to restore your page in TOP 10 (the first page of Google search results), you need to audit the links and then take steps to reposition the page.

Internet monitoring

Did you know that 80% of customers check products and services online before making a purchase decision. We combine internet monitoring with word of mouth marketing - our activities are even more effective!

Google Analytics

The implementation of the statistical system is not only about inserting the Google Analytics code !! We will perform an in-depth data analysis, the result of which will be conclusions that will immediately translate into an action plan and further marketing decisions in your company.